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Taking Care of Flowers

Most people put great care into managing their plants. If talking about house plants, there is very little to worry about. Just consider these few points:

1. Watering
Every garden absolutely needs a watering can. Try to buy one that has a narrow spout to ensure the bed gets enough water. This rule does not always apply, so try using the finger test.  Push your finger up to the joint in the soil. The soil needs to be damp at this depth. If it is dry, you will need to provide the area with more water.


2. Feeding
All foliage plants require a high amount of nitrogen. On the other hand, flowering plants need a steady supply of K2O. Slow release fertilizers can be mixed with compost for this function. Special plants, such as orchids and cacti, will require special feeding. Always feed plants based on their active growth rates.


3. Lighting
Sanseveria or Aspidistra require absolutely no shade. They can be planted right by a window, or far from it. Spider plants require some shade. These types of plants can be put near windows that do or don’t get lots of sunlight. Cheeseplants, for instance, require no sun at all.


4. Temperature
Houseplants have the ability of surviving in temperatures ranging 15-250C or 55-750F. Drastic fluctuations,

however, are not good for any type of plant.


5. Humidity
Certain houseplants will require a humid climate. You can raise humidity by putting the pot inside a bigger pot and use stones or compost to fill the gaps and retain moisture. Compost has the ability of not drying out. Plants will often make their own climate if they are group close enough together. The tip for this is to keep the soil very moist. Try spraying them with water once or twice per day depending on the weather.


6. Repotting
Optimum growth often requires repotting for some plants, and not for others. These plants don’t like when their roots are disturbed or if they have a very small root system in place. The way to check this is to turn the plant upside down. Tap the pot a few times to release the plant from the pot and check the roots. If you can see roots, then repot in a bigger container.


By providing your plants a little care you will reap the benefits of a beautiful garden. This will teach you to respect all forms of life and learn to share the Earth.

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