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The Perfect Time to Plant Roses

The perfect time to plant roses is when spring is near and the ground is soft. The wonderfully smelling and beautifully looking roses have been very popular for many generations.


It is important to realize that roses cannot be planted in any place or any type of climate. They need special conditions to flourish. Consider the following tips in order to grow roses successfully:


1. These flowers will need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Try to plant your roses in areas free of obstructions so that they get plenty of light. You don’t want your plant to be blocked by other objects or have their roots intertwined with each other. Intertwined roots will hinder the growth of the rose. If you’re replacing an old rose bush with a new one, make sure you replace the soil as well, so that the bush will receive the proper nutrients.


2. You must consider the type of rose you are using when deciding about their position in the ground. Use trellises, fences, pergolas, and arches for ramblers and climbers. This is an important detail to consider due to the space needed to grow freely. These areas are perfect for larger blooming roses.


3. Island beds are great for roses, especially when they’re mixed with perennials. Use smaller roses as edging plants to accent taller species. Make sure that you dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the root ball and make sure the surrounding soil is loose. Try adding bone meal which will provide a slow release of phosphorus. This will provide healthy roots for your rose bushes.


4. The climate you live in should determine how deep you plant your roses. A cooler climate requires a deeper planting depth. If you’re using a pot for your roses, make sure you dig about an inch deeper than normal for cooler climates.


5. Place the roses in the freshly dug hole carefully. The roots should be covered completely when the hole is refilled with fresh soil. Water the rose prior to making the final covering. After that, mound the soil approximately eight inches up around the bottom of the rose. The ground will provide moisture to the plant until it is completely rooted. You can remove the excess soil once the leaves start to open.


The above list of tips are very important when consider how and where to plant your roses. Taking the time to follow these instructions is important. You should want to provide as much care as possible to ensure a beautiful blooming rose!

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